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Andy and all,


With all due respect it is hard to answer someone's memory of an offhand
conversation between other people from several months ago. I really have a
hard time believing the EC goes around trying to get less help. I know I
just posted yesterday that there is an open seat this year and explained the
development of that seat. Conspiracy sells more tickets, but the
organization is always looking for more help and we will be electing an
at-large seat this year. It is also important to point out that the chair is
a single year appointment from the committee.


Having been at several NCA meetings where the nomination process almost
ceases to a grinding halt for lack of nominations for a number of offices I
can assure you we as the EC want MORE folks to run for MORE positions. We
have a nominating committee to make sure we have even enough candidates to
fill the positions - nothing more sinister. Without those folks there would
be even less people to blame for our problems. 


If you or anyone else would like to be formally nominated let me know and I
will try to help make the process less intimidating. 


I am enjoying the banter and although I need some time to go line by line
through Ede's questions (insert rich irony) I think our dialogue is all
served by folks who express their dissenting views without needing to find
more sinister motives. 



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now its not my official announcement per se, but it is my public intent to
be considered for the next cycle of nominations, at the summer meeting i
talked to several members of the ec about being nominated and the
conversation went something like this 

A: hey i would be interested in being on the topic committee
EC member: Cool well, that goes through the nominating committee
A: Ok i want to be nominated.
EC: Well its not that easy its "x person's" turn next then there is somebody
in line after that 

i dont think i am misrepresenting too badly...i think the conveyed intent of
this process is a little anti democratic, i would like to discuss that part
of the process. I dont think it is an unjustifiable approach and i dont
think there is an ironclad prohibition against someone not in line running,
but there at least seems a tendency, can we discuss it. 

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