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Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Jul 19 00:24:51 CDT 2007

Neil is correct.  Let me add that I was not in on the conversation Andy
describes, however I have been privy to similar ones in regards to the
EC.  There are a slate of people who want to run for 2nd VP (thereby
being on the topic committee for 3 years).  Those people have talked and
have decided to run in successive years (from what I understand) and not
against one another.  I think the conversations were simply an outgrowth
of the lack of interest in past election years.  Ede ran un-opposed in
his year, and the couple years prior to that if I remember correctly
there was not much interest--no more than 2 candidates per year I am
sure.  When Joe ran for Ede's vacated spot and I ran for 2nd VP we each
had one opposing candidate.  Not a ground swell.  I think the people
referenced at the summer meeting simply were coordinating to run but not
against each other for the 2nd VP spot.  Of course there is nothing that
says you shouldnt run for that spot, earning a topic committee spot in a
different way.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

>>> "NEIL BERCH" <berchnorto at msn.com> 07/19/07 12:06 AM >>>
Actually, a quick check of the CEDA Constitution shows that the
Nominating Committee has NOTHING to do with the election of at-large
reps to the Topic Committee.  The Constitution specifies that the
Nominating Committee gets first crack at the other offices (including
regional reps); the By-Laws specify that the at-large positions on the
Topic Committee are to be elected through an open election with
nominations solicited at the fall meeting.--Neil
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  now its not my official announcement per se, but it is my public
intent to be considered for the next cycle of nominations, at the summer
meeting i talked to several members of the ec about being nominated and
the conversation went something like this 

  A: hey i would be interested in being on the topic committee
  EC member: Cool well, that goes through the nominating committee
  A: Ok i want to be nominated.
  EC: Well its not that easy its "x person's" turn next then there is
somebody in line after that 

  i dont think i am misrepresenting too badly...i think the conveyed
intent of this process is a little anti democratic, i would like to
discuss that part of the process. I dont think it is an unjustifiable
approach and i dont think there is an ironclad prohibition against
someone not in line running, but there at least seems a tendency, can we
discuss it. 

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