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I love Tim Mahoney, and to take my post and attempt to create invisible "meanings" for the promotion of interpersonal conflict 
between tim and I is rather childish and silly.  Is this the best input you have, how about some of thay grey fuzzy memory you 
have of debate?  I think your attempt to fuel the flames between tim and I and demonize me is rather disrespectful and kinda 
pisses me off.  To me it says you got some beef with me, if so, let it out.

You can read all of my posts, and not once did I ever ever say 
1. St. Marks kids were not good debaters or will not be good debaters
2. Tim Mahoney couldnt succeed absent the status quo
3. Tim will ever have problems sleeping at night
4. Tim Mahoney doesnt love debate

Your post is an example of why we have to approach this issue with some respect.  We all obviously love debate, look what we 
do.  Tim is one of the best organizers in debate.  A change that loses TIm or any other supporter of debate is self-defeating.  
The topic committee is pursuing debate they way the like it and Tim is attempting to defend debate the way he prefers.  I think 
there has been enough death of programs in the status quo.  Now a majority of the "voters" will have to agree for change to 
occur.  I wont rehash the issues, your obviously more interested in creating more divisions between people.


> ME:
> I am confused as to what Tim has to gain from his kids being 
> recruited? Even if you are correct, do you think St. Mark's kids won't 
> be sought after in a different form of debate? Do you think Tim can't 
> sleep at night unless he knows his kids are dominating the college circuit?
> Tim might have a different view on debate than you, but I think you 
> honestly don't know him if you think he argues to entrench his elitist 
> powers. Your insinuation is mildly disrespectful. Just read his words. 
> He is clearly a person that loves debate, all aspects. Why else would 
> any one chose to engage in a conversation with Todd Graham for over an 
> hour at NCA?
> Martin Harris

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