[eDebate] I want to be on the topic committtee

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 19 10:48:49 CDT 2007

I appreciate Joe, Darren, and Gordons engagement of this question.

I dont mind as darren says that coordination exists, i think its good for
people to work together to interact with a democratic governenece system in
the way that they think most effectivly utilizes their talents and the need.

I appreciate joes explanation about what he was thinking and gordons
resistance of the suggestion of some sort of conspiracy, and i think there
is a fine line between politics and conspiracy, and the more opaque and
interpersonal such things appear the more it tends to be dismissable as
cabal conspiring.

My attempt was to bring such discussions into the open, and to allow people
involved to provide justifications for  what on  face can  appear to be
backroom deal making, but in reality is only backroom because no one is
looking, i think the explanations that darren and joe provided show that it
is not at all an illegitiamte attempt to control the process, but more an
attempt to keep people involved.

Yet some people might find such processes even more unsavory and see them as
a means for a group of people  who think along similar lines to keep that
line going in the decisions of the topic committee... people who feel such
things suggested i relay this conversation to the list...So here is my
question that comes out of this, with so many people who seem to express a
concern about how topics work, why is it so hard to drum up support for
people to be on the committee? Jackie are you interested in running? How
bout Marlow? Korcok? Stannard? To me an open election process in which some
competiting views are articulated as platforms for how that individual can
engage different or similar practices to the current direction seems a
worthwile pursuit...when i say open, i dont meant its de jure closed right
now but with only a few people willing to offer themselves for nomination
the pool becomes only a very small pool of people and views...

On 7/19/07, Joe Patrice <joepatrice at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think I was probably the person in Andy's recollected chat and I think I
> was conflating a lot of things together in that chat.
> While the nominating committee doesn't do the topic committee per se, in
> my mind, they kind of do everything because of the lack of candidates that
> Gordon outlined.
> I think the "turns" discussion was a reference to how Gordon had moved
> from the topic committee to the CEDA 2VP slot and what was going on with
> that -- where the nominating committee is trying to drum up people and
> coordinate so we have a years worth of people willing to vote lined up
> rather than a bunch of people running simultaneously.
> Joe
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