[eDebate] ? for supporters of non policy topics

Jeffrey.Jarman Jeffrey.Jarman
Thu Jul 19 13:18:40 CDT 2007

The section you quote does preclude nonpolicy topics.

The most common way to amend the constitution is to submit the change to the 
Executive Secretary no 
later than 30 days prior to the business meeting (NCA or CEDA Nats).  The 
amendment must receive 
majority support at the business meeting in order to be sent to the membership 
for a vote.

If you want to change the topic procedure, I strongly encourage you to do so 
at the NCA meeting.  For 
the sake of the topic committee, I would want to know in advance of the spring 
vote what kind of 
resolution(s) were required.


>===== Original Message From Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> =====
>Section 2: Within two weeks of the national tournament the committee will
>report to the
>Executive Secretary no fewer than three problem areas to be voted upon by
>the general
>membership. In early July the committee will report to the Executive
>Secretary no fewer than
>three resolutions corresponding to the winning topic area. The resolutions
>should be phrased so
>as to affirm the value of future and specific governmental change, and
>suggesting a broad but
>predictable array of potential affirmative plans.
>Does this section preclude the possibility of a non policy topic in the
>squo? If so, how would you amend the constitution to allow non policy
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