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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 19 13:23:24 CDT 2007

Perhaps i was not clear, i was not asking about the process of amending the
constitution, more what specific changes supporters of non policy topics
would propose making to the current wording. I too would like to see the
changes suggested as soon as possible if they are going to be considered for

On 7/19/07, Jeffrey.Jarman <Jeffrey.Jarman at wichita.edu> wrote:
> The section you quote does preclude nonpolicy topics.
> The most common way to amend the constitution is to submit the change to
> the
> Executive Secretary no
> later than 30 days prior to the business meeting (NCA or CEDA Nats).  The
> amendment must receive
> majority support at the business meeting in order to be sent to the
> membership
> for a vote.
> If you want to change the topic procedure, I strongly encourage you to do
> so
> at the NCA meeting.  For
> the sake of the topic committee, I would want to know in advance of the
> spring
> vote what kind of
> resolution(s) were required.
> Jeff
> >===== Original Message From Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> =====
> >Section 2: Within two weeks of the national tournament the committee will
> >report to the
> >Executive Secretary no fewer than three problem areas to be voted upon by
> >the general
> >membership. In early July the committee will report to the Executive
> >Secretary no fewer than
> >three resolutions corresponding to the winning topic area. The
> resolutions
> >should be phrased so
> >as to affirm the value of future and specific governmental change, and
> >suggesting a broad but
> >predictable array of potential affirmative plans.
> >
> >
> >Does this section preclude the possibility of a non policy topic in the
> >squo? If so, how would you amend the constitution to allow non policy
> >topics?
> >
> >
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