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Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Jul 19 23:29:08 CDT 2007

Thats why I love Josh, even when we spar, and why Marlow is another favorite from the good old days.  They know how to suffer along with the rest of us doomed sports fans.  You both are my guests at a Royals game next time you are in town.  And Josh is right...Limbaugh additionally was a rumored potential Royals owner before the Wal-Mart money came along.  

As for bleeding blue (Rangers or Royals).. well if the alt is St. Louis Red, then to quote a great American, "Better dead than red!"  : )


Darren Elliott
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>>> Eric Wendell Marlow <emarlow at ucok.edu> 07/19/07 8:31 PM >>>
I know that Jackie would never do this, but I am going to agree with 
Josh.  As one of the original Jr. Rangers, attending the first three 
bat nights in Arlington stadium, and bleeding blue even in the years 
that W was the owner, I feel for the Royals fans.  Your pain isn't as 
deep as ours, but we can appreciate it, Chief.

Elect Marlow to the topic committee--I'm not as crazy as those other 
guys :-)

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