[eDebate] The Best of Both Worlds - Ans Elliott/Korcok

V I Keenan vikeenan
Fri Jul 20 17:14:29 CDT 2007

What was it about the mid-90's?  First the "merger", then the adoption of
regular season interleague play?

Seriously, compare the pro and con arguments of both:  reverse a statistical
decline in interest in the activity, diversity of opponents, possibilities
of region(al match-ups), disputes over "league" norms . . .  DH rule anyone?

sorry, I think it was all the baseball talk over the last couple of days. (I
agree we should put Chris in blue - but I'm a Mets fan - so add some
orange.  I've always assumed he would actually want to win on a regular
basis . . .  and that he could pitch AND hit.)

quietly going back to the big tent now (only place to hold our

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