[eDebate] Hopping on the Soul Train

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Jul 20 17:57:30 CDT 2007

Your obvious love of the NDT and condemnation of its leadership as a stable
cabal aside,

Are you KIDDING.....The best show maybe in the history of all time was Yo
MTV Raps hosted by Fab Five Freddy.....A close second was the weekday
afternoon version with Ed Lover and Doctor Dre (the other Doctor Dre).  A
close third was remote control....Ok, well maybe not remote control.

Calling Public Enemy, NWA, Tribe Called Quest, and KRS-One "the worst" of
black music is insane.  Ignoring that everyone from Kool DJ Herc to MC
Solaar were guests on Yo is close to criminal.

Some very good books have been written by very good scholars about how white
music appropriated rap and turned ghetto rap into a commodity fetish for
white kids....None that I have read blamed early MTV.  In many ways, early
MTV pushed rap acts (KRS1, Pub E, Tribe) who were very political and
musically literate...In many ways, they served as a means for people to get
exposure to Rap acts that were not "popular" (EPMD) but were respected
compared to larger selling but less interesting acts.

The truth is that there were two distinct periods of MTV....Once Viacom
realized what they had/could have in terms of 24 hour product placement MTV
went from a truly interesting and even sometimes radical music channel to
the terrible piece of pop cultural disaster that it is now.

Now, I could go into a long diatribe about the transitions from Blues to
Jazz to Reggae to R and B through rap.....I certainly could talk about good
rap vs rap about money, women, and cars.....But to discount rap as "bad
african american music" really borders on dangerous.


ps. Soul Train survives and is still on TV today.  Don Cornelius retired
from hosting after 23 years to produce the shows in 1993 (well after MTV's
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