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Ede Warner ewarner
Fri Jul 20 20:44:14 CDT 2007

One more comment and a quick pre-empt Mike,
You are right, I have not addressed your specific proposal for debating both topics at the same time, even the last 2 notes would still be partially responsive.  I apologize for my lack of comprehension.  Some specific thoughts:
If directors wouldn't put different students in both divisions policy and non-policy at a tournament, why would they spend time training students in two types of topic for each debate?
This might work if you can persuade the CEDA no-longer, now NDT membership to step up to the responsibility of debating a 2nd format. 
My arguments about director and student interest in policy probably means it the non-policy topic won't get debated much, if at all.  I suspect their will be some attempts to culturally cut it's head off at institutes and informally because most won't want to do the extra work.
It's a lot less predictable than knowing in advance what the format will be, which I think will make it less popular.
However, I will concede that if a few people start choosing the non-policy aff and actually do it and win, the competitive culture will follow and it's possible then everyone would be doing it.
I'm not really sure how the world transforms.  Will the non-policy debates be different in style and substance?  Will a new technical approach simply be created for those debates?  Or will those debates be radically different in terms of style and content?  Just curious since I know nothing of the non-policy history of which you speak.
Sorry again for missing the sophistication and specificity of your claim,

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