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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
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Donald--I'm not sure I buy that, but:
1.  I'm not intending to get into a full-fledged debate on this.  For many reasons, I'm comfortable with my position on this.  I just wanted to provoke some thought and consideration.
2.  Let me be clear that I'm not begrudging you the niche that you have found in the market.  My question is probably more for those who might hire you than it is for you.
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  You could say a couple of things:

  1) Due to the simple nature of the competition that is debate, it is necessary (depending on your teams' style) to have an abundance of evidence.  Hiring me wouldn't be any different that hiring a quarterback coach for the football team (you have a good qb coach, by the way) except that what I provide is more academically inclined.

  2) The cards that I cut would be cards that you or your students wouldn't be cutting, therefore exposing the entire team to more literature on the topic.

  But that's just me.
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