[eDebate] cutter for hire

Michael Souders micksouders
Wed Jul 25 16:24:25 CDT 2007

Ah, but Neil, but you ARE begrudging him his niche market.  By "provoking"
thought in others  ("those who might hire you ") with questions that
strongly imply and state your opposition to the practice of hired card
cutters, you are, in fact trying to encourage people not to hire Donald.
While I expect your post will have little or no overall impact, and I don't
want to get into a full-fledged debate about the subject, if I were Donald
(which would mean I was a far nicer and better person) I might take it a bit
personal that you chose to single me out to use as a vehicle to attack that
has the potential to take bit a food off my poor student table, especially
when the practice is so widespread.

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