[eDebate] WDI has begun!

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sat Jul 28 12:10:56 CDT 2007

week one / wave one argument groups are being pitched this afternoon as well.  We'll send out the list toward the end of the weekend.
scholars have come into workshop with comprehensive files on  (Pre-Camp Wave):
Constructive Engagement (T, works, does not, k linkage, history)
Orientalism and answers
Iran general file
Syria Aff (multiple advantages) and large Neg
Turkey position
and a few others just coming in.....
In the meantime it's the history of C(arving) E(ntrails) and a strategic foray through the 5 topic countries and the major non-topic countries.
a light burlington mist has come through town and it really feels comfortably cool in a mystical way.


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Follow the college policy workshop and other events at our blog:

Topic lectures began today. We will have them available on the web soon.
We have a demo debate tonight and it will also go on the web.

Stay tuned.


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