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I usually stay out of this kind of stuff but it is a public listserv and I also don't get it.

and when that happens about a subject like that, you ought to think more carefully about what and how you are saying it. especially to someone who isn't part of your generation/type of humor.

jim :)
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OK.  Whatever.  Following a satirized version of my comment with a satirized "every living creature dies alone" was a sign of respect, not contempt.  I'll admit I'm old and just don't quite get the humor of some of you young people.  Let's just leave it at that.--Neil
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  Apparently I should have said "I'm not Bard Debate in the same way
  that Andy Ellis is not Towson Debate or Tuna isn't Vermont Debate (or
  World Debate or whatever)." That using a particular to describe a
  whole is likely to be the beginning of an error. Like diagnosing
  someone as "pretty sick" according to a single post. Or assuming that
  a satirical representation of a person's comments is a satirical
  representation of a person and that that gesture somehow indicates
  some type of contempt instead of respect. Also on the list of the
  satirized were Jackie, Andy, and Ede. They seem like good company.
  Bryson not so much.

  But now I've gone and broken character.

  Fuck you Neil Berch. You are the paper to my rock.

  --Ruth Zisman


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