[eDebate] Um...Topicality still sucks

Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Fri Jun 1 00:47:04 CDT 2007

This community is comprised of some of the smartest people in the United
States, and most of us think some of the dumbest shit.

Topicality (regardless of what online database it was found in) is not a
mainstream vocabulary term that people who do not participate in policy
debate use...PERIOD.

It's easy to do a Google search and say "IT HAS A DEFINITION!!!". In the
time you wasted posting stuff legitimizing, criticizing or just plain
lecturing about topicality, you could have found a recipe to make pound
cake, or maybe fix a flat tire (just to pass the time).

The resolution sucks ass, and while I understand that eDebate is used as a
forum to discuss the entire scope of the community, it doesn't mean that the
resolution still doesn't suck. There has to come a point...where
"straight-ups" and "crazies" come together and agree on what the hell
reality is.

God the DC annoys me.

I would write more, but I know you're not going to read it...so I'll do what
I do best, in and out of debate rounds...being blunt and direct.

Wake up, and think about what you let educate you before you become a total

Adam J. Jackson
Towson University Speech and Debate
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