[eDebate] The T Chronicles: Addendum

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Jun 1 20:36:09 CDT 2007

A different kind of threat to tradition.....

Didnt want to ignore what I thought were very good criticisms of how we are
teaching research skills and prizing arguments forwarded by Branson and
Charles.  This seems to be more of an argument in favor of debate being MORE
not less academically sound but does address some of the criticisms of
"traditional" debate that have been in the direction of "absurd impact

I wanted to add that for the most part I agree very much with what Charles
said in the sense that judges should be more willing to listen to claims
about the credibility/probability/warrants of evidence even when that
probing is done without cards.  Often a totally absurd claim rules the day
simply because some idiot decided that the world would end because the core
of the earth creates global warming (insert other absurd add-on examples

I think what Branson and Charles wrote was really really good stuff!

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