[eDebate] And now for something completely different...CEDA mentoring and blog

Sue Peterson bk2nocal
Fri Jun 1 23:01:57 CDT 2007

I don't mean to digress from the topicality discussion (and for the 
record, I really like T as an argument, when it is argued well and used 
strategically), but I would like to inform all of you that CEDA is 
working on a developing an effective mentoring program for the 
membership.  Currently, ML Sandoz and myself are doing the planning.  If 
you are interested in helping out in a big or small way, please let me know!

Although our long-term goal is to have mentors available for all levels 
of participation, we're starting out with small steps.  In the hopes of 
having a more conversational and accessible format to the mentoring 
information, we are working on getting a webpage for the program, which 
will hopefully debut in the fall semester.  In the meantime, I have 
started a blog, which I hope to use as a method of sharing information.  
I do not guarantee that every post will be about speech and debate, but 
most of them will have some tie in to what we do.

I would like to keep the blog open to comments, but I will be 
controlling them in the hopes of keeping them PG13.  It is designed as a 
professional resource and will be treated as such.

You can check it out at www.bk2nocal.wordpress.com.  I'm definitely 
interested in getting feedback on what would be valuable information to 

Thanks - and now back to regularly scheduled programming...

Sue Peterson

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