[eDebate] Um... Topicality Still Sucks. So?

James Maritato james.maritato
Sun Jun 3 06:59:33 CDT 2007

So I've followed this thread for quite a while now, and there have been some
posts I find interesting, and some I find baseless and dumb.  Some I find to
strike out at others, while in some I find people defending themselves
against what they perceive to be attacks on their person that aren't.  Some
I find to be no surprise - because I'm pretty sure Beth wanted me to steal
food while not wearing pants at the last tournament we were at together.
(She actually offered me money, making me more inclined to refer to her
system of fun as organized crime than piracy.  But that's all good because
I've spent the last two nights watching the Godfather Novella on Bravo, and
over a week playing the videogame, plus the etymology of my last name is

It must be June.  God I can't wait until there's a topic (and not 4 possible
topics to complain about) so that those of you who want to defend the topic
can go debate it and those of you who want to say "t0pix r 4 l0zerz--i'm in
ur tubz, killing ur rez w1th my leet subw00f3erz" can go be creative and do
what you do well.  I intend to stick with my usual advocacy of "PERM, DO
BOTH" but when we come back to this discussion of T, it seems like everyone
operates in a land of mutual exclusivity.  Is it at all possible that MANY
of you could be right at the same time -- even those of you who oppose one
another in these issues?

Last night I had a discussion with a friend, and a member of this thread,
who seemed quite upset that the discussion of "OPPRESSIVE T" had once again
appeared on the scene.  And I asked him, quite frankly, "Why do you care?
Why does it matter if people go on edebate and make bad arguments, and then
other people respond with bad arguments?  I mean, this seems like the
ultimate way to figure out what everyone's real bad reactionary arguments
are.  And if it isn't, it's a conversation about how we view our community
-- there's no reason to get upset."

He concluded I was right, but we are both probably wrong because god knows
that this community is smarter than everyone except the analysts at csis who
are engaged in real world policy making.

See, I've actually been following edebate for once.  It must be June.

Anyway, I really have only one argument, and it can be best surmised in a
YouTube clip that my sister posted on her away message with the phrase




PS - While you all have been arguing, I have been having fun creating
caricatures of some of you on my Nintendo Wii.  If you have one, send me
your console code and I'll share.  You know you want to play Wii Sports as
Dallas Perkins.  He rocks at bowling.  And Matt Stannard is no slouch when
it comes to tennis.  But you have not lived until you've watched Ruth Zisman
kick ass in boxing (and if that doesn't pique your interest, I'll send you
Andy and you can all get together and beat his pixelated behind.)  Neil
Berch is my hero, and the only person I play Wii baseball as from now on.
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