[eDebate] A bigger question for Michael Mapes, the Topicality "debate"

Topical Executioner topical.executioner
Sun Jun 3 11:25:03 CDT 2007

Michael, I would like you to use your powers as someone more intelligent
than Korcok to answer the following question; has Korcok's contribution to
humanity been worth more or less than the spare change in his drawer? Please
consider his "speed makes you smarter" work before answering. Or, more
importantly, since he brought up his lineage, who would you rather have at
your coffee table; Korcok or the corpse of the deceased? (too soon for
edebate?) Which one smells better?

Andy, I made this account to highlight my proclivity for executing the
non-topical portions of our "community." Given your penchant for rejoicing
in death I hope my name strikes your fancy. I also hope to earn a spot in
your comic books. You can even unmask me as whichever of your detractors you
like least. The choice is your's. I hope you appreciate the metaphor, I am
working on it for an affirmative about hyper-critical U.S. engagement to
expose imperial tendencies in the debate community.

Adam Jackson, I briefly considered the name "Topical Ointment" to meet your
"dictionary challenge." We all know from seventh-grade mishaps that "topical
ointment" exists.

Regards from the lair of the Topic Committee,

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