[eDebate] why can't debaters argue like this?

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Mon Jun 4 07:07:06 CDT 2007


this is judith butler. she talks quickly yet clearly. she has no special 
qualifications to speak on the middle east. agree or disagree with her 
conclusions, she advances a well-reasoned argument. she quotes from sources 
only when necessary. she doesn't view asking questions as a sign of 
weakness. she's germane to the topic yet details no explicit plan; her own 
speech act is her attempt at 'solvency'. there's ample ground for negating 
what she has to say; she's not a 'moving target' and she doesn't obfuscate. 
still, a more skilled rhetorician like yourself could perhaps cut her 
18-minute speech in half.

so why don't your constructives resemble this? why aren't you on 
video.google educating people about issues you extensively research? why 
aren't (at least some of) your rounds 'teach-ins' 

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