[eDebate] Need help w/syllabus/readings for Communication and Public Leadership Course

Marissa Silber luvmarissa
Mon Jun 4 10:59:07 CDT 2007

I am co-teaching a new class being offered through the University of 
Florida's Bob Graham Center for Public Service in the fall and am currently 
working on the syllabus. I thought some of you who have taught different 
communication, leadership, or public policy courses might have some good 
advice for readings for the class or other activities. I have enclosed a 
short blurb about the class below and I would appreciate any suggestions you 
have for readings for this class. I appreciate you taking the time to read 
this and look forward to hopefully getting some good ideas from the debate 

ENC 3254 Communication and Public Leadership
Communication and Public Leadership is a hands-on approach to learning how 
to effectively communicate as a public leader. During the semester, students 
will identify a problem in the city of Gainesville or at the University of 
Florida and then develop a solution presented as a policy proposal. 
Emphasizing both oral and written communication skills, students will learn 
interview skills, how to write resumes, hold press conferences, write 
proposals and present persuasive speeches. Skills that make a successful 
public leader such as crisis management, dealing with the media, responding 
to opposition, functioning in small groups, and working through the policy 
process and organization will be taught.

Thank you!
Marissa Silber
University of Florida
silber at ufl.edu

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