[eDebate] Announcing The Baltimore College Debate Evidence and Research service.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jun 5 15:33:34 CDT 2007

One of the benefits to Baltimore College Debate Membership i had previously
mentioned includes access to evidence and curriculum materials.

I am excited to announce details of that service.

We will enter into licensing agreements with college debaters and programs
which allow us to provide a continual source of files to new programs
throughout the season. These files will be available to members as part of
their membership and will be available for sale on the Baltimore college
debate website to the entire community. The proceeds from the files that are
sold will be split between the content creator and as fund raising for
Baltimore College Debate programing.

Files will be distributed to members in email updates and will be available
in a well organized online file system that are easily downlodable.
Dave Helwich of the University of Minnesota has leant his considerable
reaserch and organizational skills to this effort and will serve as the
coordinator of the set of files. I am working on several partnerships right
now and will announce them as i confirm them.

While i would love for people to create original work specifically for this
project, i also realisticly recognize that most people are
a) already too busy to create new files just for us, even if you are getting
b)hesitant to provide resources that are being used during the college
debate season.

To this end what we are seeking is for folks to send files they feel
comfortable having available on a broader level, for example if your Syria
disad gets fully caselisted at Georgia state, before you update it send it
to us, basically the idea is that there is a lot of work that gets done by
many people which could benefit new debaters immensely. Its not about
charity or hand me downs, or lesser versions of arguments, but about helping
students who may not have a team or a coach get a foot in the door while
debating a diversity of positions and arguments.

I think the last weeks conversation on t perhaps indicates that the
arguments i am interested do not make a great base for an entire group of
students and colleges and honestly that has never been my stance, but the
point is that this is not just my project it is a community wide attempt to
provide new debate opportunities and each of you have work you can share in
that process.

This year in order to keep the program manageable i would like to work with
no more than 10 programs to contribute files, i would also work with up to
10 individual contributors not affiliated with a team who could work on
special projects.

If you are interested in being a contributor please contact me at this email
or andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org

Andy Ellis
Below is the sample licensing agreement

This agreement entitles Baltimore College Debate to distribute the submitted
work of an individual or team(content creator) to Baltimore College Debate
members and for fundraising purposes on the Baltimore College Debate
Website. Baltimore College Debate has the right to modify the file but will
always provide proper attribution to the author. Unless otherwise negotiated
each file will be sold for $10 with 50 percent of the proceeds going to
Baltimore college debate 40 per cent to the content creator, and 10 per cent
to YOURS for the use of the online service. Disbursement of earned funds
will be negotiated with each content provider. All files will be submitted
to the Cross Examination Debate Association's "Backfile Project" upon the
conclusion of the college debate season.
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