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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Jun 8 14:02:51 CDT 2007

I have blocked 5 rooms for the whole week at the Extended Stay America
Suites, These rooms are 105 a night if booked for the whole week. While this
is expensive for many individuals it is not bad when split amongst a variety
of people,(4 people in your room is approximatly 190 per person for the
whole week, 3 people are approxiamtly 245 per week, and 2 people come in at
approximatly 370 for the week, and for you math wizzes out there that means
the 1 person rate is $740)  this is the "official "hotel for the cooperative
and we will pick people up there and drop them off if needed everyday.

The hotel has a kitchen, two double beds, and a small dining area, as well
as wireless for 4.99 for the entire stay available in every room, there are
laundry facilities on location, and a variety of eating choices nearby.

If you are interested in a spot in one of these rooms or booking your own
please call me at 240-285-0843 oro email me here,

I will cancel my reservation on August 1st, there is no way i can pay for
your room on my card, i am simply doing that to hold the rate, if you need a
place to stay contact me before august 1st...thank you
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