[eDebate] JOB ANNOUNCEMENT and K-State Coaching Additions!!!!!

Justin Green kstatedebate
Fri Jun 8 15:43:19 CDT 2007

Kansas State is happy to field the following coaching staff for 2007-8.....

Graduate Assistants
Max Archer returning for one...more...year of collegiate debate
Megan Harlow - with the Vermont love
Dan Stout - he bleeds Wildcat purple
James Thomas - of that school in Ithica and the WGLF

Assistant Director
#1 Sarah Snider
#2 ?

Justin Green

We are not sure what we did to please the debate gods, but it worked.
We cannot be happier that Megan, Dan, and James decided to join Max,
Sarah, and myself.  Of course none of them can replace Josh "the
general" Westmoreland....

If this seems like a staff/crew you might be interested in joining and
you have a Masters degree in ANY DISCIPLINE or a higher degree (i.e.
Law), consider applying to the Assistant Director of Debate at Kansas
State.  This decision will be made as quickly as possible.  If you are
interested or know someone who is, please let me know ASAP.  The
official announcement follows below.

Temporary Instructor
Assistant Debate Coach
Kansas State University is offering 1 one-year temporary
instructor/debate coach position in the Speech Communication Division
for the 2007-8 school year, with the possibility of renewal.

Duties will include teaching a variety of undergraduate service
courses: small group communication and business and professional
speaking, as well as serving as an assistant debate coach for the
debate team. This will entail traveling with the team, judging,
leading research efforts, recruiting and assisting in the
administration of the program. The individual must be willing to work
with all experience levels (Novice, JV, Open) and non-traditional

Candidates must have their MA completed before the fall 2007 semester
begins. Collegiate teaching and coaching experience is preferred. The
salary is competitive. An MA in Communications is preferred, but not

Candidates should submit two letters of recommendation and a vitae or
resume to Justin Green at kstatedebate at gmail.com

Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer. KSU actively
seeks diversity among its employees.

The debate team receives substantial support directly from the
President.  We have a roster of 20 debaters to start next year across
all three divisions and graduate only one senior.  We are a diverse
squad in appearance, background, argument choices, and speaking
styles.  We like our coaching staff to reflect this.  If you like
debate a certain way, we have debaters for you.  We are a squad who
seeks both to win and have fun debating.  If you are not interested in
either of the two, please don't apply.

Success as a debater is a plus, but a demonstrated commitment to
effective coaching is far more desirable.

For those of you who don't know, Manhattan, KS is a phenomenal place
to live.  Housing is cheap.  Aggieville with many eating and drinking
establishments offers entertainment across the street from the school.
 It is very possible to walk to the school, entertainment, and home.

I've been many places, this department, as a whole, has the nicest
people of any I have encountered.  They reason, they don't dictate;
they are more than willing to explain.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions.

Justin Green on behalf of the Kansas State Debate Squad

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