[eDebate] Here is a ? for the community

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Sun Jun 10 11:06:05 CDT 2007

I never really tried to limit the number of sentences I was using when describing debate.

We had a new principal at our school this year.  She knew absolutely nothing about debate, but she was curious.

She came and watched me teach the novices once.

She came to our tournament and looked in an a couple debates.  She came with the assistant superintendent for curriculum, and they both thought it was pretty funny that people talked so fast.

One time she came to observe the debaters doing research and filing/organizing their evidence in the debate room.

Now she really likes debate.  In fact, I?d say she is one of our strongest supporters and she is always helping to recruit students.   

She thinks debate promotes the ?highest? of ?high order? thinking skills.

Other than saying something like ?People argue in debate,? I think it is hard to explain the complexity of debate in a single sentence.  But, encouraging observation seems to work.


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