[eDebate] Wiki Progress and Reminder...

William J Repko repkowil
Mon Jun 11 19:47:38 CDT 2007

1. Positive Note: 

We have over 300 terms up and going -- check it out at: 


2. Nagging Note: 

With apologies to those that have arranged separate timetables w/ me, I am 
posting to encourage the folks that "called dibbs" on certain entries to 
email those entries to me as soon as possible. 

We were looking to have all entries by about the 1st on June -- and it is 
getting to the point where camps are starting (one of the goals was to have 
this resource available to students attending summer camps). 

3. Federer Note: 

Still my favorite -- though Sunday was certainly tragic... I blame clay. 

Contact me if you have questions... 


 Never Surrender, 

  Corey Hart 

repkowil at msu.edu 

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