[eDebate] I love these topics!

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Mon Jun 11 22:50:17 CDT 2007

Don't front Jackie.. you know you loved the AMRAAM's -- the Malaysians 
really needed them! It was, of course.. only superceded by the ASRAM... 
Barreto did so love to read that card.  I mean come on... when we ran their 
politics disad linkturns as an advantage while fast track was on the floor 
:)  magical research.. from a little squad!

lol... those were the days, and that topic wasnt 45 words ;)  We did get to 
write our plans then though.. so I agree.. heh

still pokin around.. oh yeah.. congrats buddy on the year!

Ken D

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>Subject: [eDebate] I love these topics!
>Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 19:48:20 -0500
>I had to say something.  No resolution has less than 45 words!  I think i 
>need more lessons on how to dumn it down for the people
>who dont understand like a subject heading in a course catalog.
>My TOP TEN reasons why i love this topic!
>10 - and/or topicality and/or extra-topicality
>9 - U.S. as savior - we will do it right this time!
>8 - My plan is written already, i dont have to....
>7 - I had a line of novices waiting outside my office door this week, 
>pantering the topic from memory..
>6 - We can give more guns to Isreal to crush those "terrorists" on the west 
>5 - This time i will get to really put my finger on "constructive 
>engagement" -- what is non constructive engagement?
>4 - We can finally get those damn critical teams to quit their funny 
>business and give som AmRams
>3 - No more nuclear war debates!  right?  more case debates with 
>non-Khalizad or beardon impacts!  right?
>2 - The 50 and over club - which resolution has less than 50 words?  (guess 
>before you look)
>1 - Narrow topics make you dumn - this has to end some day!
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