[eDebate] ] a league of our own.....

Charles Olney olneyce
Wed Jun 13 00:51:30 CDT 2007

"Why get stuck defending someone elses bad idea on the aff? Even if
Ryan or Gordon thought this was good aff ground, that doesn't mean
that debaters will feel the same when faced with issues relating to
the Middle East."

Why?  Because that's how democracy works.  If everyone gets to pick
the laws and rules they will choose to adhere to and those they won't,
nothing functions.  Not to go all Rousseau, but if you don't have
structures in place for resolving differences of opinion on basic
questions, all your left with is constant battles over that and you
never get around to learning how to harness the power of steam or how
to make Cap'n Crunch.

Communities can't exist without a shared willingness to accept that
collective decisions will not always maximize personal utility in
specific cases.


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Though believing sees me cursed
--Johnny Boy
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