[eDebate] what is education?

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Wed Jun 13 12:19:42 CDT 2007

Just to clarify.  I didnt read Scott's long post, the summer is only so long.

If the affirmative is saying we educated you on X topic or subject area they chose to debate, that is dumb.  Then your rant 
would be somewhat interstesting.

The education, that your post only attempts to not discuss, is what type of education do we get from following orders or rules 
that are not considered legitimate in all instances.

I am not sure who you are aiming your pontification towards, but many people feel that the resolution forces you to defend 
positions that people disagree with.

Now, I believe, and will continue to follow such pedagogical methods until i beleive differently, that there is a difference 
between researching both sides of an issue, IE things you disagree with, and verbalizing things you disagree with.  

Now for most resolutions, the disagreement is not about being policy, but what type of policy the affirmaitve gets locked into.  
If the resolution allows affirmatives the space for affirmation in a way that allows them to not verbalize things they disagree 
with, then most teams would be more topical than they are now.  ( I dont speak for everyone, just myself - and i dont read a 

All we need is more rules to slowly trim the "fat" off our community?  You know the grizzle that doesnt go down easy and you 
would rather throw it in the trash or give it to your dog than chew on it a while.

The education debate is deeper than many want to investigate.



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