[eDebate] Top 10 slapshots on critical arguments..

debate at ou.edu debate
Wed Jun 13 19:38:23 CDT 2007

Here are some of the best arguments i have gathered against critical teamss....

10.  "They sing, where's our singing bad evidence"
9.  "They silenced my voice, i am the oppressed one"
8.  "Our wichita eagle beacon outdates their nietzsche by a good 50 years, well at least 50"
7.  "they say speed is bad, but they dropped our 12 reasons why it's not as bad as people say"
6.  "there's no racism in our community, it's not our fault"
5.  "start your own league with your own topic"
4.  "the kritik is nothing but a non-unique disad"
3.  "we cant return the land if you cant own the land"
2.  "floating pic floating pic floating pic"
1. "they didnt educate me, i knew before i did it"

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