[eDebate] Widening Gyres and Gyrls

Nathan Sweed nathan.sweed
Wed Jun 13 21:19:54 CDT 2007

The recent posts concerning the direction of the debate community hit
us hard. It has become apparent that things fall apart. Camps are
forming and centers aren't holding.

This is not the problem.

The problem is that the camps you've got right now suck. So, we present to you:



Camp Wonder is your one-stop-shop-front-row-to-the-end-of-debate
apocalyptic-circle-jerk-of-life. Our motto is:

Awesome 2 Death.

And we don't give a fuck.

Here's a couple of reasons to join camp wonder:

It's the best alternative to Camp T-bag and Camp Pussies

Camp T-bag wants you to spend your remaining days goosestepping behind
the high walls of Webster's. Camp Pussies wants to talk about genocide
in Darfur at 8am in the basement of some random-ass college building.
Camp Wonder wants to party.

Camp Wonder is one of a kind. Knock-offs go to hell. Spillover goes to
Mr. Wizard.

Andy Ellis will not be admitted because he might sell us out.

Jimbo Maraschino will not be admitted since (because of him) Joe
Patrice is now playing Wii Archdioses Confessional with my virtual

So you can either polish the brass on the Titanic or join Camp Wonder
and watch it go down from a lifeboat made of aloof detachment and

Applicants should send a backchannel requesting membership. Please
include your name and 1-2 sentences on how you could contribute to
Camp Wonder. Expect a response in 1-3 business days.

And don't forget to visit our website at

-Ravenna Wilson***

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