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Thu Jun 14 11:01:31 CDT 2007

The exchange has been somewhat amusing so far, and is far more interesting that prepping for HS camp. 

I have a couple of questions for the "T Bad" side. 

--- Hi Dave

1- It's not a "t bad" argument. I like topics and I ilke resolutions, and i like an equal starting point for an argument.  
Resolutions should serve as a starting point for disagreement.  So my position is not a blanket "t bad"

1. What are the links between "traditional" debate and the banking model of education/passive pedagogy? Are those links 
intrinsic? How do we determine the existence and strength of those links? 

---- It depends on how we define "traditional debate", but I dont think those links are intrinsic.  i think competition has taken 
over topic creation, and we get topics that best fullfill a certain perspectives competitive goals.  You cant really determine the 
existence, you have to make a personal judgment, which is why stannards accusations are somewhat correct in "no evidence" 
but somewhat misleading to assume evidence is needed.  Some things are larger than mere scientific proof.

2. What are the links between "performative" or "critical" debate and libratory pedagogy? Are those links intrinsic? How do we 
determine the existence and strength of those links?

-- i can only say that learning to think or engage from a non-traditional/establishment perspective allows one to see problems 
in a more holistic perspective.  Once again, you cant determine the weakness or strengths of those links scientifically, just like 
we cant provide the same proofs for many environmental problems, racism and other social problems that we know exist.

My hypothesis is that these links are relatively weak and non-intrinsic. This untested supposition is based on my observation of 
both the many traditional debate-types who live/espouse radical politics and the many non-traditional debate-types who live/
espouse traditional politics. 

--- Then you can only follow your pedagogical beliefs in how you approach debate.  I wont tell you to leave the activity because 
you see differently, only that I disagree.  I think these links are extremely strong, and will continue to approach debate from 
this perspective.

We could all be wrong.



I could be wrong. 


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