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Mike Davis davismk13
Thu Jun 14 13:03:30 CDT 2007

I am looking for volunteers to participate in the CEDA Emerging Program
Initiative. If you have questions please let me know. The description is


CEDA Emerging Program Initiative Proposal


There are constant debates about what legislative changes CEDA can make to
encourage new program participation. Some people argue we should change the
topic, some people argue we should change the ways that sweepstakes awards
are given out, some people say that we should have shorter tournaments with
more teaching. All of these ideas have merit and may encourage new programs
creation, but at the end of the day the best way to encourage the success of
new programs is through on the ground efforts by individuals concerned about
program development. It should be the goal of CEDA to facilitate those with
the desire to help new programs emerge.


Any school which has failed to earn 20 or more CEDA points in the last five
years is eligible for the program. There are two ways that schools can enter
the program:

1. Any existing program (sponsor) can volunteer to mentor schools within a
particular geographical area. Once these schools volunteer to mentor the
CEDA Program Development and Retention Committee will send out letters to
potential supporters of the new (emerging) program. The expectation is that
the sponsor might be able to provide some guidance as to who these supporter
may be.
*Rationale for geographical are instead of individual schools: My concern is
that often when we think of new schools we are blinded by tunnel vision and
often ignore small schools, community colleges, etc. A geographical
designation by the sponsor indicates where they would be willing to travel
to assist new programs, but does not ignore those schools that the sponsor
may have overlooked

2. While the first entry point to the program is the one I originally
envisioned (and probably think is the best model for long term regional
success) I do not want to exclude emerging programs who have grassroots
support in their university. Thus, any new program can contact CEDA and
designate themselves and emerging program. At that point the Program
Development and Retention Committee will connect them (either physically or
virtually) to a sponsor who is willing to assist them.


1. CEDA will waive CEDA membership fees for all emerging programs for a
minimum of three years. Programs which require additional assistance after
three years may apply for further waivers from the Executive Committee.
2. The program development coordinator will send a letter to all designate
schools indicating CEDA's desire that they joint the "Cross Examination
Debate Association Emerging Program Initiative"
3. All CEDA sanctioned tournaments should reduce tournament entry fees for
emerging programs by at least 50% for three years. Individual tournaments
may apply for a wavier if this would place an undue hardship on this
4. CEDA will establish an award to be given at CEDA Nationals for both the
emerging schools which perform the best over a given year and the sponsor
who contributed the most to new program development. The Program Development
and Retention Committee shall determine the best means for determining the
winner of each award.
5. The Chair of the Program Development and Retention Committee will
maintain a website with all relevant documents, as well as history of


Disclaimer: These goals are general. That is because different schools and
regions will call for different approaches. The worst thing we could do
would be to hamstring potential sponsors by dictating the nature of their

Year One ? Emerging program attends some regional tournaments. The sponsor
will provide instructional support and, if possible, logistical support. The
sponsor may also host a tournament for schools who agree to participate in
the Emerging Program Initiative. The goal of the first year is to keep the
program alive and travel to some tournaments.
Year Two ? The emerging program becomes a regular attendee at regional
tournaments. The sponsor continues to provide the same support as year one.
During the second year the sponsor should be helping those at the emerging
program formalize ties to the university and a permanent source of funding.
Year Three ? The merging program should begin to become self-sufficient.
Sponsor should work with program to develop permanent coaching positions.
Program may begin to assist the sponsor in the development of future new
Year Four and beyond- Hopefully, the relationship between the emerging
program and the sponsor will continue, but the goal of this initiative
should be to create self-sustaining programs which will not require constant
assistance from any sponsor.


To date program development has been piecemeal at best. New programs may
continue to emerge organically, but this approach does not provide
sustainable growth for CEDA. We need to stop reinventing the wheel every
time a new program emerges. We need a coordinated effort to encourage new
program development.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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