[eDebate] re the "t" debate

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Thu Jun 14 15:37:30 CDT 2007

just want to say a few things--I'm mainly just reading the posts and for the most part, enjoying the give and take of this debate--especially posts that stay on point to the issue.  well, and like marks noted--not the ad homs.

debate does progress (saindon) and part of the progress is me and our team. we've changed and we'll change again. part of that can be tournaments we choose to attend; part of that can be how we respond to non-t teams; you get the idea: progress is not just coming from the non-t teams and we'll be part of shaping what happens in the future too.

debaters do need to understand how to cope when a small group who feels majoritarianized does not follow the "rules" (skinner). the same applies to the minoritized who need to learn how to cope when the majority responds back to breaking of the "rules." I suppose you can read into that what you want--I'm hardly mr. backlash--but the majority aren't the only ones who have to learn how things work.

I responded to andy ellis's post with what I thought was a logical extension of his reasoning--if you don't like how debate is, how the community is, then why not create one that you do like? I get andy's response to that but like he suggested with his "alt" non-t proposal; there are many ways to handle this; I'd prefer to have our teams at predominantly policy oriented tournaments and mainly at ones where the teams and especially the judges are willing to vote on t/'truisim' cases (zompetti, that's my only problem with your post; sometimes the judges even with mpj don't really listen to the "you're not topical" args).

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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