[eDebate] Governments in Exile?

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Fri Jun 15 12:46:31 CDT 2007

Are those topical? Example: The Shah's family still maintains they have a right
to rule Iran.

Sort of like the U.S. work with the Iraqi National Congress pre-iraq war.

That kind of turns the topic on its head, don't it. Work more with the
"government of Iran" in order to overthrow the Mullah headed dictatorship
currently in power.

Perhaps the topic committee can add a new phrase: ...",a government that is not
in exile, but currently in power,..."

I am sure there is a government in exile for Lebanon, Syria. I am sure that Fata
will claim government in exile status.

One other note, are there two PA's? Hamas controls Gaza, what about the West

Fun debating a total cluster-f... of a region.


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