[eDebate] Topicality can make people radical too

Steve Sawyer sawyers25
Fri Jun 15 14:21:54 CDT 2007

Yesterday, Jackie asked: "does verbalizing things you
disagree with change your perspective."  It can, but
to suggest that reading an aff that you disagree with
is necessarily like Kunta Kinte calling himself "Toby"
seems pretty absurd to me.  Collegiate debate is a
relatively free forum.  It's totally possible to
verbalize something while disagreeing with it.  See
the WGLF.  It's called trolling, and aside of its
political implications, it's also a great way to get
off some steam.

See the Wiki:

Some examples, a "not news" site:
(attention to KrispieKringle there)
(attention to Skleenar and skookum)
(advanced exercise - spot the trolls on your own.)

Trolling solves Jackie's concerns about banking and
verbalizing because it allows you to test the extremes
of ideas that you find repugnant.  If your concern is
that switch-side debate forces people to the center,
trolling totally obliterates any hope of finding
common ground.  The entire purpose is to force the
debate to the extreme, and it works.

Of course there are some negatives to trolling.  For
the political activist, it could backfire and cause
people to question your actual motives.  For the
debate community in general, it can be patently
uncivil and irritating.  Yet, it is a valid option for
those who disagree with any given topic.

Lastly, for those who think that "topicality still
sucks" may want to consider what happens to political
activists who decide to totally avoid the topic:

Troll away,
Formerly Catholic Debate

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