[eDebate] Confusion for Mr. Sawyer...

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Fri Jun 15 21:31:23 CDT 2007

You must have me confused with Gordiie Miller
some call him Frosty G

I will unveil, his name is John G. Miller and he works for Rochester....

---- if you read further down on wikipedia

"Trolling in the 1990s
One early reference to troll found in the Google Usenet archive was by user "John Miller," directed toward the user "Tad," on 
February 8, 1990.[2] However, it is unclear if this instance represents a usage of "troll" as it is known today, or if it was simply 
a chance choice of epithet:
You are so far beyond being able to understand anything anyone here says that this is just converging on uselessness. The really 
sad part is that you really believe that you're winning. You are a shocking waste of natural resources ? kindly re-integrate 
yourself into the food-chain. Just go die in your sleep you mindless flatulent troll."

--geez i cant spell..

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