[eDebate] The Re-Birth of Debate: The Golden Gophers

Eli Brennan elibrennan
Fri Jun 15 22:47:09 CDT 2007

Hey Ya'll,

Not long ago Ron Greene posted an announcement that the University of
Minnesota intended to come back to the policy debate fold in a serious way,
hiring faculty and the like.  It was a nicely worded post welcoming Dave
Cram-Helwich and myself to UMN.  I'd like to follow up a little bit.

What I want to emphasize here is that for all the back-and-forth on the
State of Debate, we still have a large reservoir of goodwill in many
administrations willing to put very real money into our somewhat strange
pedagogical enterprise.  This, obviously, only increases the stakes of
ongoing discussions of community health... but it does, I think, give some
perspective and confidence for our experiment.   We're very excited about
the burst of life at UNLV, and the introduction of an intensely backed
program at UMN gives reasonable fodder for those who would oppose
Apocalyptic predictions about the immediate future of policy debate.
Largely because of the effort and passion of a few friendly types at UMN,
the program looks poised to hit the ground running, bringing New Life to our

In thanks and celebration of these events, I have written some haiku
(Americanized haiku that is).  I offer them not as art, but as a modest
thanks to Dave, Ron Greene, Ed Schiappa, and the Community.  Just a sample
from the more appropriate versions for your consideration (others available
via back-channel):

Mighty gopher sleeps
Dreams of a Return- Unleashed!
Chubby cheeks of doom.

Gophers never Tire
You'll think you're in Caddyshack...
Your dynamite... Ours.

These Cheeks Conceal Fangs.
Like Monty Python's Rabbit....
Hanging from your Neck.

Okay... So the poetry is less than a fully humble embrace of the
Community... but Hopefully is doesn't obscure the genuine love.   I can't
wait to  lock fangs in earnest competition... and I am very grateful to come
back to the community for a NEW POLICY SQUAD!!!

Eli Brennan
Golden Gopher Debate
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