[eDebate] Reminder and update about Baltimore College Debate Memberships

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jun 18 19:35:25 CDT 2007


First off the top, previously we had said that BCD entry fee credits did not
apply to JV and Novice Nats, we have discussed and adjusted slightly.

Entry Fee credits are worth their cost when applied to your jv nov nats
fees, in other words if you buy an entry fee credit for $15 and you have a
$75 fee you pay $60 bucks...make sense? So if you buy a membership and you
have 8 credits that come with it and you cant come to any other tournaments
you have $120 credit toward your jv nov nats entry fees. I know we say on
the web page that the 8 credits are worth $160 value, and they are at BCD
tournaments but thats because there is a value to buying early and its a
trade off on the BCD budget, but JV nov nats are run by towson which means
we cannot give you more than the cash value...hope that makes sense if not
let me know....

Anyway here are some links:

Baltimore College Debate Main page
www.baltimorecollegedebate.org (check out the membership page to get more
details about the variety of memberships-ill update the above when i can)

Purchase memberships here
https://theyoursstore.com/categoryNavigationDocument.hg?categoryId=9 (you
want the debate team membership, unless you dont)

Check out the YOURS store shirts, many of them are made by debaters and have
themes that you might like

thank you
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