[eDebate] on last one---quickly on darfur debates

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jun 18 20:03:48 CDT 2007

several people have backchanneled and asked a similar question

"hey andy i like your darfur idea, but a qucik question? would you be ok if
people came to your tournament and ran whatever topic they liked"

the simple answer is ABSOLUTELY, in fact as i am recruiting participants i
let them know that thats part of the game, some folks have questioned this,
but i have explained to them that one of the important things that comes out
of that is a practicum in agenda setting, people get that and are for
example willing to debate the importance of darfur versus other things...its
really not that hard, in fact my approach to this comes from what i have
learned over the years on this list in the discussions about speed...i used
to think there was no way people could justify this and several people said,
no i just explain to them why we go fast and they get it...therefore i
explain that the topic is contestable to new people and mostly they are ok
with it...
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