[eDebate] new topic paper on Global warming Ans. Steve

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Jun 20 16:33:42 CDT 2007

Dear Steve. Thanks for the heads up, never saw that one coming. In fact, my
teams debated the fossil fuels topic and did pretty well for a small school. We
NEVER ran global warming on the aff and I hazard to guess only about 10% of our
rounds were actual warming debates. I think it was even less than that. Most
people, other than a few big file teams, ran away from the warming debates as
quickly as possible. I think the topic, if it was written to force students to
debate warming, did a horrible job of achieving its goal. Sure, sure, we all
had a warming file, but I saw few in depth debates on warming. Given the most
recent data, the need for a topic specific to global warming is more pressing
than ever.

I am glad to see you odds making, but I think there is more in the world than
debating Mid-East, China, Latin America, and Africa YEAR after YEAR after Year.


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