[eDebate] Topicality and affirmative v. negative win percentages

Doug Dennis blackdebateguy
Fri Jun 22 10:04:21 CDT 2007

Is there a distinction between two independent conversations held in the
same location and a debate? If there is, it seems a COMMON TOPIC is
relatively important.

It also seems this is a conversation about actions v. justifications...if
only one team decided to not be topical and listed what they wanted to do
online, there's some mechanism of a check, but if, lets say, District X(10)
wanted to do it, it would end up being an insurmountable research task. It
seems the argument is not what you do it's what you justify seems to have
some merit here. 

Please do not consider my interjections as a cue to get me involved in this
conversation, as the question of more importance follows...

I remember a day when there was a definitive advantage to debating
affirmative. Does anyone (this is probably a G Larson question) have the
ACTUAL NUMBERS for win percentages for affirmatives and negatives either 1)
over the last few years in a comparison, or 2) in one year groupings to
determine the changes over the course of a year. If anyone has this, can you
forward it to me? If not, could someone send me in the right direction?



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