[eDebate] Some Baltimore College Debate Updates

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Jun 23 03:06:01 CDT 2007

All the time spent testing a relatively esoteric theory over the last month
has perhaps distracted me from more important work.

So id like to talk about some things going on with Baltimore College Debate.

1) Public Debates about Darfur

We will be hosting a year long series of public debates about genocide in
Darfur, July 21 at Baltimore Talent Development High School will be the
first one. I am collecting resources right now and once i get back from nfls
will be posting them, if you have good information let me know. Ill share it
. More information can be found here

2) We are still collecting entry fee credit donations for the upcoming year,
these will cover teams that cannot afford entry fees, and help us to provide
quality hospitality, food and judging so that we can continue to offer low
cost high quality tournaments. Several people have suggested to me that JULY
1 as the goal is not sufficient for them to be able to purchase the credits
so i will extend the date till at least august 1st. these credits are
different than the ones you would buy for your team, these are a social
investment project where you can see a very tangible result for your
donation. More information about the entry fee donations can be found here
pay pal does not work let me know and we can work something out)

3) The Baltimore debate cooperative is growing and there are several people
interested if you would are in the dc/baltimore area sign up come to free
debate camp to get prepared for the topic. More information here

4) One last time, the conversation in the last month has been interesting, a
good idea to float that has received good feedback, but none of our programs
are about topic anarchy, or any of the things that i talk about in my role
as a edebater and coach, you can come to our public debates, our
cooperative, or our tournaments if you think the topic rocks or if you think
it doesn't and we will work with you regardless. As i said before there is a
difference between program components and my own thoughts within a
particularly small sliver of the debate community.

Thanks again

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate
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