[eDebate] Coaching/Mentoring question - how much work is too much?

Sue Peterson bk2nocal
Sun Jun 24 15:12:47 CDT 2007

Hi all...

For those that missed the announcement earlier, I have implemented a 
blog designed at least partially to be a tool in CEDA's mentoring 
project, located at http://www.bk2nocal.wordpress.com.  I have made a 
few posts and one of them was on improving practice quality 
(http://bk2nocal.wordpress.com/2007/06/18/practice-is-not-enough/).  A 
comment on that entry included the following questions, which I think 
are important, yet very difficult for coaches to handle.  I would love 
to get some feedback from you all - either on the list or via 
backchannel and I plan to write another entry including some of those 
responses.  Debaters out there - you can respond letting me know what 
kind of motivation you find to be most effective, what type of work 
responsibilities you find to be most educational, etc.  Thanks in 
advance for the input you all provide!  Here are the questions:

*What should a coach do who has debaters who are less motivated to do 
research and write their own positions? I inevitably do a lot of the 
research for our team, and I fear that my love of competition is 
interfering with the education. Do you have rules for research and/or 
position writing for the members of your team? If so, what are the 
consequences? Thanks.*

I know this has been discussed on the list in the past and I will go 
back to cull some of those responses from the archives, but thought some 
new people might get involved and the specificity of the questions might 
change your responses.


Sue Peterson
Chico State Debate

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