[eDebate] the egg or the resolution?

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Wed Jun 27 08:13:40 CDT 2007

so which comes first?

Should we teach students to obey unjust laws? 

The question is not about "is a topic good, and affirming the resolution good," in an ideal world, we wouldnt need these debates 
because the resolution would not restrict the "affirmative" to a limited number of options to address the "problem area" we 
decided to vote on.  At the point someone says we need to balance affirmative and negative, or a reason why resolutions need 
to be concerend with being "fair" to aff or negative, the door has been opened to drive debate in the directions preferred by 
those who attempt to "balance", and thus the framers make debate how they want it, what they see as fair.  If this method is 
flawed, and inherently biased, if i did it or someone else, then there is a problem with debate, and sticking your head in the 
sand and say, "doesnt matter,  affirm because its our game, we made the topic, now you suck it up" isnt going to work.

The "creativity" within being affirmative is probably more in line of give affirmatives a more open ended choice of solvency 
mechanisms.  Do some of you not get the difference between absolutist thinking and perspectivism?  Its not that difficult to 
understand, limited options for aff bad, aff choice good.



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