[eDebate] Um...Topicality still sucks

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Jun 1 08:40:36 CDT 2007

>>>God the DC annoys me.>>>
I assume you mean the debate community.  Other people would say, well, if it annoys you, maybe you should leave.  I will say: Weigh it out.  It annoys me too, but it empowers and sustains me in ways that outweigh the annoyances.  If it does the same for you, you'll stay.  If not, you'll quit, and if you do, I have no doubt you'll find worthwhile endeavors in its place.  
>>>I would write more, but I know you're not going to read it...so I'll do what I do best, in and out of debate rounds...being blunt and direct.
Actually I read every word and also made some responses that I thought were worthwhile, directly engaging what you said, and you didn't address those, so be careful not to throw stones in the glass house or whatever.  
>>>Wake up, and think about what you let educate you before you become a total idiot. >>>
That's what I thought I was trying to do.  
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