[eDebate] Um...Topicality still sucks

Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Fri Jun 1 09:16:42 CDT 2007

I wasn't talking directly to you, and I was just saying my point. My point
is Topicality sucks and isn't worth talking about, unless you like the the

I don't want to post eight paragraphs of points, references and arguments,
when it's not worth all that. I was giving generic advice to the DC, and
apparently you took it individually, either way I don't really care.

Don't try to exclude me because I said it annoys me, I've dealt with it for
about 5 years, and I'll be OK. Ignorance, prejudice and racism can "empower"
you all you want, but I think I'll stick to what I believe. You pretty much
want me to quit because there are some things that annoy me, and all I'm
saying is that while we're wasting time talking about a pointless topic in
rounds, we COULD talk about other stuff like....I dont't know...the genocide
in Darfur for example.

Don't take it to heart, just making a point guy.
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