[eDebate] Um...Topicality still sucks

Scott Herndon scottaherndon
Fri Jun 1 11:14:03 CDT 2007

It seems like Matt and others were trying to include you. 


Just to make a point, in a discussion with our Dean the other day (Coleman
is a great guy, but he doesn't know squat about debate, our terms, their
usage, etc) he used the word 'topical' to describe an analogy that was no
longer relevant to our conversation by saying it wasn't topical. I kind of
feel like your view of topicality and what it means outside of debate is
more limited than the examples that people have offered. 


Also, I noticed in a previous post you said: 


"There has to come a point...where "straight-ups" and "crazies" come
together and agree on what the hell reality is."


I agree. However, doing what you suggest and coming together seems to be an
appeal for a community norm on what something (I guess reality? Either way,
I think I get your point) means. Much like topicality is a community norm
agreeing what we will discuss for the season, how we should direct our
research and how the "crazies" can negotiate meaning with the policy wonks
towards productive ends. Maybe topicality, especially the way Matt was
defending it, doesn't suck. 


Scott Herndon







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I wasn't talking directly to you, and I was just saying my point. My point
is Topicality sucks and isn't worth talking about, unless you like the the

I don't want to post eight paragraphs of points, references and arguments,
when it's not worth all that. I was giving generic advice to the DC, and
apparently you took it individually, either way I don't really care. 

Don't try to exclude me because I said it annoys me, I've dealt with it for
about 5 years, and I'll be OK. Ignorance, prejudice and racism can "empower"
you all you want, but I think I'll stick to what I believe. You pretty much
want me to quit because there are some things that annoy me, and all I'm
saying is that while we're wasting time talking about a pointless topic in
rounds, we COULD talk about other stuff like....I dont't know...the genocide
in Darfur for example. 

Don't take it to heart, just making a point guy.

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