[eDebate] Top 10 Reasons Topicality SUCKS

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Jun 1 18:16:16 CDT 2007

What is all this doesnt belong in debate talk, ken said it at some point,
tim said it earlier, why is it that if you feel that you have draw these
lines about who should and should not be in debate. For example i could say
ken has the turnaround time on these messages of (insert famous first round
debater here, who may or may not have frequently dropped a lot of things i
the 2ac but gave great 2ar's). If you cant realize that the conversation has
moved like two or three days and like twenty posts past what you are
responding too, you arent quick enough to be in debate...but no...instead im
engaging and answering arguments,though i didnt believe what adam said, i
did laugh, i know thats not a major penalty and probably not grounds for
ejection but do i have to sit in the penalty box for just a bit because i
thought it funny....

I think adam gets to decide what is important because he is a person who
lives his life ...why do you get to decide what he or anyone else gets to

On 6/1/07, LACC Forensics <forensics at lacitycollege.edu> wrote:
>  Adam writes:
> 10. The word "topicality" does not exist in any English dictionary, and if
> it does it's only applies to debates, not real world vocabulary.
> 9 - 2. Fuck the Topic
> 1. See number 3
> This really is so pathetic it's almost not worth answering, but just
> because I started this...
> There are words that exist/are only used in many specific fields of
> communication, business, etc.. This is not a reason to reject topicality and
> anyone who read this and agreed doesn't belong in debate. Secondly, this
> statement doesn't even remotely answer my question or respond to my
> arguments in favor of debating topicality. Whether the word exists outside
> of debate is completely irrelevant. If you are incapable of articulating a
> well-reasoned response to the question, why respond at all?
> As far as your other response (fuck the topic), 1 ? see above, 2 ? I'll
> respond here to your other post where you argue that debating topicality
> prevents us from debating important things like genocide. Why do YOU get to
> decide what's important? This is infinitely regressive. If you refuse to
> debate the chosen topic because YOU don't think it's as important as the
> issue you do want to debate, you open the door to an endless debate about
> what issues are more/most important. And this leads to the same problem you
> complain about ? you choosing the topic prevents others from debating what
> they might want to ? like Topicality.
> If you're going to take the time to weigh-in, write something that
> actually adds to the discussion.
> Ken
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