[eDebate] Um...Topicality still sucks

Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Sat Jun 2 14:13:52 CDT 2007

My point is that its a choice.  If you think that God wants you to be an
enforcer or just that being an enforcer is your cup of tea then choose that
but acknowledge that you could choose otherwise and the world will not
collapse.  My 6 and 8 year-old nephews make cakes for each other and the
people they care about not out of some overblown sense of self-importance or
because they fear the chaos of a world filled with voluntary association but
because it makes them happy.  Many young people I know take the initiative
to organize debates on issues (like drug legalization or prisons) that are
important to them and the people they care about.  The best people (young
and old) I know look at what the 'rules' are and decide for themselves
whether those rules are worthwhile.  In this, they exercise a lot more
common sense than I often see in the blind adherence to norms that govern
what commonly passes for knowledge in judging philosophies, edebate posts
and post-round critiques.

Grow up or don't.  Or at least choose how you grow up - there's not only one
right way to do it.  Telling a freshman he doesn't belong in debate because
he doesn't see it the same way you do is not what I would choose.


On 6/3/07, Bob <db8coach at cox.net> wrote:
>  Beth Skinner wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Last night I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner where I got to argue very
> similar issues with a 5 year old and a 7 year old but without the
> clusterfuckery of argumentation intellectualism.  We were trying to decide
> whether we should launch a pirate raid on the bride and groom's table and
> steal the cake.  One of them said we shouldn't because it wasn't what you
> were supposed to do at a formal grown up party (it went the bounds of
> proscribed manners/topicality/rules) and that we'd get in trouble with the
> grown ups (penalty).  The other one said 'nah, we should do it because it
> would be fun and because we're pirates'.  The cake was especially delicious
> because it was stolen.  I guess when you're dealing with grown ups you just
> have to decide which side you're gonna come down on.
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Thank God there are people who DO grow up and become responsible adults.
> There is a very good reason why children are allowed to be children but
> adults have the responsibility to maintain order.
> The problem with a 5 and 7 year old making all the decisions is that there
> would never have been a cake to steal in the first place. It takes
> responsible adults with real rules of order to maintain the world that
> allows children to play in their fantasy world. You can steal all the cakes
> you want, but eventually the adults will stop buying them and you will be
> cakeless.
> Not argumentation itellectualism, just real world common sense.
> Bob Lechtreck
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